Thomas’s Intro

Hi, everyone! My name is Thomas Passwater. I am a fourth semester grad student in the Written Communication program, on the teaching of writing ‘track’. I am a graduate assistant: in that role, I teach one section of WRTG 121 and work in two satellite locations of the writing center. Before coming to Eastern, I did my undergrad at East Carolina in English studies. There I was able to work as an undergrad writing consultant in their writing center and study abroad in London.

As I am trying to complete my MA here, my project takes on inflections of material, spatial, and visual rhetorics. I’m excited to have the opportunity to study visual rhetoric now. After completing my MA, I’m hoping to pursue a Rhetoric and Composition PhD.


Hi All!

I’m Meg, and this is my final semester as a graduate student. I plan to graduate this April with an MA in Written Communication, specializing in the Teaching of Writing. Currently, I teach First-Year Writing (FYW) and work in the University Writing Center (UWC) here at EMU. When I grow up, I want to teach FYW at EMU.

I have three daughters and three cats. Like Aristotle, I support compiling many facets of my life into groups of three. I love to cook and bake because I come from a long line of feeders, and I might also be secretly obsessed with movies based on Jane Austen stories…maybe.

This semester, I’m completing work on my MA project, which concerns instructor/student rapport in a FYW classroom and the impact of that rapport on students’ cognitive learning. Though I’m still working through my data, this project has provided me with much insight on my innate ability to procrastinate. I’m hoping to escape from the procrastination abyss soon.

I look forward to spending the rest of the semester with you who I’ve come to know and love, as well as with my future friends in this class.