Scribe Notes 4/10

I had big ideas for the final Scribe Note–video, comic, maps. The end of the semester time crunch allowed me to construct this. I attempt a flow chart of some sort, possibly in a spiral shape, with some sub-categories. Kind of a messy outline.

Potential resource for posters – color scheme tool

Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon this website called Colourlovers the other day, and I’ve found it really helpful in helping me think about potential color palettes/schemes for my poster. As someone who isn’t too versed in color theory (yet), I found it helpful to browse the variety of color schemes that are shared on this site, which are also conveniently sorted into  “channels” based on purpose (web, print, etc.).  Also, the schemes lay out the number/code for each color used, which makes it easy to replicate the colors in whichever software you’re using.

Wanted to share the resource in case anyone else was interested!