Hello World: An Introductory Note from Natasha

As I’m sitting here trying to compose an introductory blog post about myself, I’m having mildly traumatic flashbacks to the seven-or-so drafts of an Introduction Memo that I wrote for WRTG 424 when completing my bachelor’s degree at EMU, majoring in both written communication and speech communication. Just as a heads up… you’re only getting one draft. Sorry, friends.

I’m Natasha, and I am enrolled in EMU’s Written Communication MA program, concentrating my studies in the Teaching of Writing. As a graduate assistant, I teach in EMU’s First-Year Writing Program and consult in the University Writing Center. However, I’m feeling a bit more than a little bitter-sweet, since this is my last semester in the program, and I know that I’ll deeply miss my friends, colleagues, and faculty here–and the weekly snacks in class.

Like Cortney, I also identify as a nerd, though not quite as strongly as I did a few years ago when I attended anime/comic conventions and sewed my own cosplay costumes. Now, when I’m not researching the ways that written self-advocacy practices influence student agency and responsibility, I spend most of my free time crafting, assembling puzzles, watching musicals–can we just talk about Hamilton for a second?–reading, and developing travel plans. It’s a bit old-lady-ish, but that’s okay by me.

I’ll close by saying that I’m really excited for this class and interested to see the visual rhetoric designs that everyone creates. And, if we don’t yet know each other well, I look forward to correcting this circumstance soon! 🙂