Andrew’s Intro

Hello everyone. I think I know everyone in class, but as a refresher, my name is
Andrew Durand. This is my fourth semester in the Written Communication program and I have two more after this. I am working through the professional track in the program as well as the certificate for the teaching of writing. After graduation, I hope to be working as a professional in the TC field along with picking up occasional adjunct positions at whatever college I end up close to. A bit of personal information, I have four children and the two youngest recently got guinea pigs as pets. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I have been eager to take this class and am excited to dive into visual rhetoric. My provisional definition for visual rhetoric was as follows:

The study of images, graphics, and visuals, how and why they are made, their effects, and how they circulate.

I wonder where visual rhetorics could be applied. When I develop a resume, does its visual appeal carry a rhetorical apparatus? Is this what we are referring to as visual rhetoric? I look forward to answering questions like this during the semester.