Stop-Write 4/3

Thinking about the readings on mapping and defining disciplinary activity, take 5 minutes to answer the survey questions. When everyone is finished,  share with someone next to you and see if there are any similarities or differences that are worth noting about your experiences in the field thus far.

1. Where are you from? City, Province or City, State

2. From what institutions did you obtain the following degrees (as applies)? BA or BS MA or MS PhD Other Please specify degree.

3. What graduate program are you in?

4.  What professional organizations do you belong to?

5. Who were the first scholars you were introduced to and how have they shaped your understanding of the field?

6. What scholars best connect with your research interests and why? List up to 3


Survey modified from

Mueller, Derek. “Emplaced Disciplinary Networks from Middle Altitude.” Cross-border Networks in Writing Studies. 24-25.