March 6 Big Ideas in Visual Rhetoric

March 6, 2017

Big Ideas in Visual Rhetoric

Pine Point

Simons and Shoebridge’s Welcome to Pine Point is a powerful melancholic interactive web documentary about a vanished town in Canada. By using different visual tools, Super-8 film clips, text on screen, real life people’s pictures and artifacts, along with background music, they created the feeling of lost childhood happiness in that vanished neighborhood. The web documentary is full of sadness and sorrow for the lost childhood happiness and “the creators’ ineffable nostalgia for it”. [SK]

“We established this style of visual experience where there are no ads, no page numbers… a style of magazine layout you could almost call “cinematic”. It’s a perfect balance of passive and active, of visuals and words–a story about memory than a town profile” (Simons & Shoebridge). [SK]