Glossary Terms: 2/6

Image: While Andrew defined this word last week, Lynda Barry touched on this word again in the last half of Syllabus, and Anne Wysocki also discussed it in “awaywithwords.” On page 126 of Syllabus, Barry wrote that “images are not what anyone thinks about them. They have no fixed meaning.” She also wrote a question/answer at the bottom of the page: “What happens to a picture because of what we think? Nothing” (126). Wysocki points out that we use the word “image” to name a group too large, which makes us “miss [the objects’] widely varying compositional potentials”: “To use image to name some class of objects that function in opposition to word is thus either to make an arbitrary cut into the world of designed visual objects or to try to encompass a class so large the encompassing term loses function” (59). [HD]
Unavailable designs: Anne Wysocki most clearly defines this phrase in the notes of her 2005 article, “awaywithwords,” as a notion that encourages “us to explore unconventional or outsider designs, which might allow of richer transformation–as long as we figure out strategies for helping audiences understand why we do such experimenting” (60). [HD]