Hi, I’m Kristie.

Hello classmates!

My name is Kristie Plantinga. I am a first year student studying technical communication. In college, I studied music and psychology. I happened upon the WRCM when I Googled teaching of writing, but after conversing with Dr. Benninghoff, I made the switch to tech comm. I loved the idea of a career that allowed me to be practical, but also pursue my creative interests.

Speaking of interests, I have many! I currently aspire to be a UX designer, content strategist, or creative director. Last semester in 505, I conducted research on tacit knowledge shared in mutidisciplinary teams; specifically, I examined the shared tacit knowledge of UX designers. My future research may include the tacit knowledge involved in higher-level activities or processes and how they are communicated through writing. This semester, I hope to learn more about design principles and usability.