Shari’s Bio

Hello All,
My name is Shari and this is my 2nd semester at Eastern Michigan. I live in Novi with my husband and two kids who are both seniors. One is a senior at the University of Michigan and studying mechanical engineering while my daughter is a senior in high school. I’m an EMU alumnus, I received my master’s degree in Educational Psychology in the early nineties and I have over 25 years of teaching experience. I am currently employed at Washtenaw Community College.
I am very excited to be with you all as I know many of you from last semester and we had a lot of fun studying Phaedrus in WRTG 503. I also know some of you from WRTG 500 where we researched every archive available in Writing Studies together. Some of you are new but I am assuming we all are in the same field: teaching freshman composition.