Ja’La’s Intro

Hi everyone,

I’m very excited to be in this class with you all. I’m Ja’La (Jay-Luh) and this is my last semester in the Written Comm program here at EMU. My time at EMU has been multifaceted, as I have been a graduate assistant in the Holman Success Center for two years, teaching Introduction to the University and being a success coach to students on academic probation.

I have a variety of interests and before joining the program in 2015, I was an assistant writer for two years at a large church in Columbus, OH. That experience informed my decision to pursue the technical writing track because a lot of my work had to do with fundraising, writing copy for the web, editing copy, and social media management.

Whenever people ask me “what do you do/want to do” I don’t have a standard answer. On one hand, I am passionate about mentoring college-aged students, working in the University, and doing work overseas with non profits. I love traveling because I grew up in a military family and lived outside the United States for over 10 years before moving to Michigan. On the other hand, I love the fast-paced business world and working with organizations or people who could use staffing help in the communications department.

With all that being said, I’m looking forward to learning more about the fascinating world of visual rhetoric as I continue to work on my final MA project that has a key focus in this sub-discipline!