What Materials Do I Need?

Will I need other materials for the course? Maybe.

Beyond the required books and access to Canvas where you will find PDFs (under Files), you don’t need any specific materials for the class. I am still sorting through the details, and I will have on-hand seven sets of colored pencils, seven sets of watercolors, several piles of index cards, and a handful of pencil sharpeners. So while this is not an art class, per se, we will take up some of the guidance offered by Lynda Barry. Every class meeting will include at least one “stop-draw” and “stop-write.” Think of these as productive or generative digressions, moments in which we pause, turn our attention to a drawing or writing activity for only a couple of minutes, and then pick up again with our seminar modeled discussion.

If you are inclined–if, for example, you don’t prefer to share colored pencils or watercolors–you’re welcome to pick up your own materials. For under five bucks, you can put together a kit comparable to what’s in the photo above, which will be more than enough to support your in-class work in the weeks and months to come.